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Origins of Enelis

The World of Enelis has long been a special place for me. It is a world shaped by my experiences, given life and momentum with each turning point in my own life. Enelis was originally created as a fantasy backdrop for my Dungeons and Dragons games. I had been the game-master of our games since the beginning of high school. My friends and I had played our numerous adventures in a myriad of other game settings and I had slowly begun to collect bits and pieces of these worlds with my own ideas.  I wanted a world that was truly my own, where I could shape and alter its history without worrying about disrupting official canon or be argued with by a player who had read a particular setting book that I hadn’t. In the early days of college, when my friends and I were playing fantasy role-playing games quite frequently, we started playing in a world I was tentatively calling Enelis.

I drew a crude map of the world and described a few of the prominent cultures and nations.  Being somewhat in-artistic at the time, I traced a map of something I was familiar with, North America.  I added some changes here and there, but ultimately the map I presented was the Americas I grew up in with the areas replaced with fantasy nations and cultures.

One of the first crude maps of the Ularin continent on Enelis.

The world was still mostly amorphous and ill-defined, but it sufficed for the adventures and explorations of those early days.  When I went to graduate school, my time for fantasy role-playing diminished and Enelis was put on hiatus.

Years later, near the end of my graduate tenure, some friends convinced me to run another game, since they had never played a fantasy role-playing game before.  So, I ran them on a basic adventure with a generic fantasy backdrop in no particular setting.  After the first adventure, many of them were hooked.  So we extended it out into a longer campaign.  Naturally, I reached for Enelis to provide the setting of that campaign world.  Over the course of the campaign, Enelis got more defined and I began putting together more of the details of the world.

A newer map of the Ularin continent on Enelis.

Enelis is the name of a world, a planet for those with a broader celestial mindset. It has at least two known continents of significant size, Ularin and Alarus.  Ularin is the continent where everyone in my stories lives and breathes (the one shaped like North America). Alarus has greatly shaped the history of the people of Ularin, but the continent itself is shrouded in legend and mystery (more on that in a future post).  The Erean Ocean separates the two continents and every attempt to cross the dangerous ocean has seemingly failed.

Next time I’ll discuss more about the continent of Ularin and possibly some of its history.

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