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Ularin: An Overview

The continent of Ularin is home to the many cultures and peoples of Enelis. As I stated in a previous article, the continent is shaped somewhat like the Americas.

The continent of Ularin

This at first allows someone familiar with the Americas to make some assumptions about the land and the even the cultures that reside there.  However, this is simply a fallacy.  First of all, Ularin is about three times larger than North America.  So the assumed distances are actually quite greater than they seem.  This has the consequence of allowing much more space for sprawling kingdoms and empires between the eastern coast of the Erean Ocean and the looming mountains.

The mountains separate the Free Coast from the Aegis Forest.  There are two mountain ranges: the southern range of the Hullepsie Mountains and the northern range of the Eriasha Peaks and the Kalavarian Mountains.

The Free Coast is the land of the humans. The rolling land between the mountains and the coast is governed by a constantly rotating command of kingdoms and city-states. Each sovereignty trying to reclaim the former glory and power of the fallen Nomen Empire (more about that in a future article).  These lands are primarily governed by tentative hierarchies and oppressive feudal systems.  The city of Aureusurbis, or Goldwall as it is commonly known, is the only exception. The sprawling metropolis is the former seat of the Nomen Empire and is the primary trading hub on the Free Coast. The city is capable of defending itself from the lawlessness that surrounds it, but the city’s democratically-elected ruling council has no interest in expansion.

The land of Eshlien is the land between the gap between the northern and southern mountain ranges. It’s eastern border is the Moon Lake and its western border the Aegis Forest.  During the timeline of the novels, Eshlien also suffers from much of the same instability as the Free Coast. Eshlien is the hub of trade between the humans of the coasts and the elves of the forest.  While humans dominate the composition of Eshlien’s residents, there are quite a number of eshmar, or those with mixed elven-human ancestry, who live among them.

North of Eshlien, is the Kingdoms of Kalavar. The seven city-states of the dwarf lords are hidden in the high valleys and rocky peaks of the mountains. The dwarves, many of which are master craftsmen of stone and metal, do much trade with the humans of the coasts, especially in Eshlien and the city of Goldwall. With the exception of Kalgorret, their cities are extensive underground fortress-cities built deep into the mountains.  Many dwarves live their whole lives never seeing the sky.

Enaarvis is the kingdom of the elves. The Demon-Wars trilogy takes place primarily in this elven kingdom. The elven kingdom guards the gap of Eshlien and tries to prevent human expansion into the wild, untouched Aegis Forest. They still trade with the eshmar of Eshlien, sending much finely-crafted wares down the Mareleien River to the Moon Lake’s trading ports. Unfortunately, the monarchy of Enaarvis, along with the elves in general, is in decline.  Each year the humans of Eshlien push their way deeper into the forest with their extensive hunting, logging, and clearing for farmland. The elven kingdom’s ruling monarchy and aristocracy live lavishly in the capital city of Elienspar and seems to care little for what goes on on their eastern border.

That’s the brief overview of the eastern portion of Ularin. In future articles we’ll dive deeper and explore the regions and cultures in greater detail.

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