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World of Enelis

The Demon-Wars Trilogy

Book 1: Chains of Vengeance

“In the eastern reaches of the Aegis forest,  the underground-dwelling dark elves have returned to the surface after many millennia. They raid upon the unsuspecting surface-dwelling elven villages, spreading fire and bloodshed. Thes, an elf mystic and scholar, faces this new peril after the loss of his home village. United with unlikely friends, the wizard tries to confront this force of darkness. However, Thes is slowly consumed by his anger as the moment for his revenge gets ever nearer. He must face the enemy directly to claim his vengeance, but what will be the price of that retribution?”

AVAILABLE SOON! – Early 2019

Book 2: The Demonic Siege

In the works…

Book 3: The Swords of Three Crowns

In the works…